About Stan Billard

I started my first online business back in 2003, when the concept of e-commerce was still relatively new and the majority of online shoppers were browsing and making purchases on their desktop computers. Things have changed a lot since 2003; today, more people use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to browse the web than desktop computers. Furthermore, an increasingly large number of consumers are making purchases online rather than in stores. It’s really a great time to be an online business owner.

Still, I know first-hand that running an online business isn’t always easy. In fact, I’ve been doing it for more than a decade now and I’m still learning more and more every day. Still, I truly believe that there is nothing more rewarding in life than being able to work as one’s own boss. That’s why I’ve created this website: to help share some of my secrets when it comes to the successful operation of an online business.

In the following pages, you can learn all about how to design an attractive website for your business, how to write effective sales copy, and how to go about marketing your online business without breaking the bank. With my advice, I hope that you’ll be able to gain the know-how and motivation you need to launch your very own online business.